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24 years old, lost, confused, and trying all I can to move on in life. I blame Satan for my problems because of the simple fact that he loves to cause them. I am a very straight-forward person. I despise anyone that imposes negative behavior and habits on me. Whether I like it or not, I choose to live in today's world. College life has been really hard on me. I think this site should suit me well. At least I'll have someone to communicate with and get some sympathy.
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  1. Distractions, Very Difficult Obstacles, Extreme Confusion, Short Notices, Changes in Schedule That Affect Me Negatively, Incompetant People
  2. People Who Show Zero Respect For Hard-Working People, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Hipsters, Emos, Punks, People Who Can't Listen Well, People Who Don't Follow Logic


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