Recent Rants by memyselfandi

How much more can one take??


Have this friend that is on her way out of my "people I want to hang out with" list.

Annoying as hell. Don't know how much more I can handle seriously..

Most annoying commercial


Most of the time I can pretty much tolerate any commercial, no matter how annoying..HOWEVER.. is anyone ELSE grossed out by the latest E-Harmony commercial where they claim to make the best hookups..

Only to see this couple all over each other on a couch making out like banshees?


Motorcycle Riders

I'm probably gonna get hit upside the head for this one but I'd just like to say my peace.

I have many friends that ride cycles and I love them dearly.  Here's my rant.

Please please please..You are all great people and love to do runs for charities and bless your hearts for that. 

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