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Olympic Announcer Bloopers!

Here are the top nine comments made by NBC sports commentators so far
during the Olympics ----that they would like to take back:

School Answering Machine!

Girl Scout Cookie Laughs

It is only 9:13, and I am already having one of those days.  Someone just sent this to me, and it made laugh.

Tree Man

Did any of you see this last night on ABC?  I just saw the commercials for it, and decided I couldn't watch it.  So of course today I had to look it up.

Hope this comes through


This is a kitten with two faces.  Conanabanana should love this.



We had an earthquake here in Southern California.  It was rated as a 5.8, but is now rated as a 5.4.  It was quite a jolt, but not too scary.  Now all the local news channels are treati

Quite Incredible


And I can barely remember what was in the room I just left!

Sometimes Translations Do NOT WORK!


Check out some of these translations!

For Conanabanana


And I think only she will appreciate this interview on David Letterman!

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