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No More

I am fed up with Govy having his hands all up in my privates as he whispers in my ear how good I will feel or that it’s for my own goo

Abuse of power - MIssouri Judges at their finest


Ok, now I’m really pissed 

Another IQ test




IQ test

Racism and Prejudice


Prejudice is a natural human emotion that comes from personal experiences.

Isnt dating such fun?


Ok, so I’m divorced and being alone for most of those ten years has been pretty much my choice.  Had such a lousy m

Hey Dont Bother


Don’t pretend you’re comfortable at my place when you avoid coming over as often as possible.

Dont buy from Bo!


I bought a 1998 F150 with approximately 70560 miles for cash and trade from Bo’s AutoRama.  I initially went to Bo Beuckman on Manchester an

Judges Above the Law

I was driving home from work on 5/5/07 at approximately 9:30pm. I had been driving down Baxter and there was this car, a Jaguar, in front of me.

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