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Keep your promises, like Sam did in the LOTR movies....

One of my coworkers was to fix me up a date with her brother in law for the Xmas weekend.  He was suppose to call me on that Thursday.  Well that day as well as the entire weekend came and went.  When I got back to work and asked her what happen, she told me that his dumb azz got drunk!!  WTF!!  And you think that I am going on a date with this idiot....hell NO!! 

I want some too!!

What is it with the men in today's society?  Looks like the majority of every "breeder" is hitting on the women folk from time to time except for me.  What's wrong with thi

Throw them all in jail!

Is it over yet on Paris Hilton?  After all that drama from that dang rich princess, the warden at that jail house should do us all a favor....just put her and the other 3 dumb leftover party witches o

Someone call the bomb squad


I have two gf's who cannot keep house for the life of me.  Most of the time that I am invited over for to help out or to (yuck!!) eat dinner, both of their homes are "Hell hole Sweet Hell hole".  One

"Chucky" loves little kids


Here is my pet peeve of the year.  I have always hate that some adults will bring their babies to an R rated movie.  WTF!!!  Now heaven forbid, I will not sit in the same row with the parents and kids

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