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Annoying Commercials


If there's anything that drives me more nuts is those commercials that use a doorbell sound to get your attention!!


While I think someone's at the door...and the dog is barking because she thought she heard the doorbell ring..and I'm rushing to get to the door..

Only to find out it's a damned commercial on the radio!!

Cell phone companies........GRR!!


Ok...I signed a contract with US Cellular two years ago and bought a decent phone.

Why are there sooo many idiots on the road??


I had to take a road trip today for an interview and I guess I'm just not used to heavy traffic..but do people ever wonder why there are so many accidents on the road??

1) Stop climbing up my ass i

Pop ups


I don't know about the rest of you but these pop-ups are getting OUT OF CONTROL!!

Cash for Clunkers.......


At first I thought it was a great program...people taking their clunkers in for up to a $4500 discount on a new car purchase.

O'Neal Hits on Tatum......


At Farrah Fawcett's funeral...Ryan O'Neal didn't recognize his own daughter, Tatum O'Neal and actually hit on her.

First of all, estranged or not..he should recognize his own daughter...and second

Girl Sues College $70,000..........


Did you guys read the latest about the college girl that is suing her college $70,000 because she can't find work in her field??

Does she understand that we're in a RECESSION and degree or no degre



When are they going to fix this site to be like it was before??

Love this site..but tired of politics


I used to really love this site because mixed amongst all the political rants and raves..there were always those that I could let some steam off to.

The election is over now..and while I stated my

What the hell????


I guess some dweeb got access to the website and decided to delete everything said from other users.

How Come??


I've been surfing this place for weeks and commented about this..and that..but it just isn't as much fun as it used to be.

All of a sudden I happen upon the pet peeve videos.

Obama promised...WHAT??

Categories: that Obama got into office...have your seen your 401k's lately??

ugh..Ugh..and UGH!!


I've tried to post long posts..short posts..and the site keeps kicking me out.


Tired of politics!!!!!


Ok roomies...this is a GREAT room...but it's getting a bit boring.

Obama won the race...he's now our President.

The Election is Over......


Hello Fellow Peevers........

I have a pet peeve.  The election is over.  This is a Pet Peeves website.

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