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Getting sick in Summer

I don't think it should be possible. And being up here is such a hot spot for tourism, we get LOTS of interesting bugs going around.

The not-so-frequent traveler

Peeve Meister here.

I can't understand the airlines' frequent traveler programs these days. 


My Nightmare

I know some people might think of this as an adventure. I would cry and crap in my pants!

Tourist Season has begun

It has begun.. I have already encountered some tourists up here, and have just remembered why I hate summer.

A question for all

Up here we're going to be voting in a few months on Taxi deregulation. I was just wondering if anyone lives where this has already happened, and how things are going.


I got it! I got it! I got it!!

Ok this would suck

Some say it’s good luck if a bird’s droppings hit you, but not if the bird is an airplane and the dropping is frozen human waste that crashes through your roof.

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