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is it just me?

but since yesterday, the site takes FOREVER to load!!


THAT is how long I was on the phone with Dell about my computer JUST a few minutes ago!!!

Shame on the cell phone companies

My Pet Peeve for this week? Cell phone rip-offs.

Those Mac Commercials

...are the most annoying commercials EVER! The Mac guy is biggest dork I've ever seen but is supposed to be cool.


I posted a fairly long repy in the thread I made about the price of gas up here...

Perez Hilton's Pet Peeves!

Some of these are quite funny! Dealing with the gym.  Conanabanana, you will appreciate number 3.


OK OK OK... I know I have posted saying I will buy a MAC for my next computer, but I have now been reassured.

A New Cell Phone Low

I went to a haunted house and hayride tonight, I would have enjoyed myself except for some cheap tart who talked on the cell phone the whole damn time on the hayride.

Phone service now

Because of the fires in southern California, all of our cell phone services are messed up.  Apparently a lot of the towers burned down, so the service is in the toilet now.

DO NOT call me!!

see link in my first comment!

here you go

Here is my list of peeves from the last two weeks:

Bathroom/Phone Etiquette

I can't be the only person this has happened to and on more than one occasion.

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