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they just want me to be the fall guy....

Dear Sir/madam,

People on the Phone

I hate people who will call 5 times, knowing they've got the wrong frickin' number!  What the first 4 times weren't enough for you?

Cool New Software Tool

I got really lucky to find this one, but thought I'd share it with you.



Check this out!  Ah the power of suggestion eh?


Don't Take Your Electronics to Canada

A new law will soon go into affect in Canada designed to curb piracy, a good thing right?  Not so fast!  This law gives customs the right to seize any ele

My Computer Crashing


AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My computer has become less stable than Charles Manson on a good day!

Cool Software


Ever wanna put videos from your pc onto an I-Pod, PSP, or other personal video player? 


LOL, ID thieves getting sneakier!!!!

This is the one I just got in my Spam folder, I just had to share. . .

I-Pod Touch


I just got my 8 gig I-Pod Touch and thought I'd write about it. Now in the stores this player is $299 but I got the refurbished version from the Apple website for $199.

Escapee ‘Spam King’ dead in apparent murder-suicide

Convicted spammer Eddie Davidson, who escaped from federal prison over the weekend, killed his wife and 3-year-old daughter before killing himself in what is being described as a murder-suicide.

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day [Jul 25]

Administrators are the real unsung heroes in any office today. They hold great importance in the running of a business.

E-mail Scams


I hate getting these emails that say forward this message to x number of people and win cash or some prize.  Do people honestly think they are getting what is offered?

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