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'Stirring up the pot' . . .

'Nice' radio ad sent to my email box . . .assuredly TGIX will have something to say against this, but I want to hear it.

Rave then rant....

Our Hockey team had the season opener, against a "rival" I would say (I could be wrong). It was an awesome game, honestly the BEST hockey game I have EVER been to.

I got you all beat in emails sent to you.

I got this email today. it came with a link. Of course, I didn't click on it. I just deleted it but what the hell...?

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Look out for a program called either Anti-Virus 2008 or 2009 (no brand name).

New Peeve

I play a game called Diablo 2 online (hey its my guilty pleasure) which requires the use of the full screen.

Vista.....~ rave


My company announced they are upgrading our work computers to Vista. I really like it but can't figure out why the company is doing this, they don't like any video or graphics.

And they made a law about cell phones.

Calif. lapdogs can stay just that in moving cars

Sun Sep 28, 10:57 AM ET

Ahhh, technology brings a mess

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love all this new technology.

pics in emails

When I get emails with pictures in them, for some reason, MOST of the time, the pics NEVER show up!  there are just big empty gray boxes in the email where the pics shoul

I-Tunes 8.0 My Review

8.0 is BUGGY, I installed it last night and it promptly crashed my PC.  Itunes 8 is more unstable than a drunk Tim Allen at dangerous hardware convention.

what?? this is a new one for me!

NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT VIA ATM CARD This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not




what the EFF is wrong with my Ipod???

it AIN'T playing right!!  It worked just fine yesterday and today when I get in the car and start playing it, it skips songs, doesn't play songs, the album artwor

Nothing to see here, move along . . .

keep moving, nothing to see here.

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