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Children with cell phones

Why in god's name does a child who isn't old enough to drive and spends most of their time either at school or at home need their own cell phone? I don't understand this.

Are you talking to me?


I hate it when I go up to someone I know and start talking to them only to realize that they are on a freakin' Bluetooth call.  DRIVES. ME.

Continuously Calling the WRONG Number

I know that from time to time we all dial the wrong number. Why it happens? Well some of us know someone that has a number and we might inadvertenly reverse the numbers or dial a number off.

cell phones with the 2 way walkie-talkie thing

I'm really not interrested in hearing your conversation

My Bigges Pet Peeve!

Nothing is worse in my book than what I saw this weekend. There was a woman driving down the road in a beautiful brand new SUV with Temp Tags on it.

cell phones everywhere geesh

my peeve is where ever I am if I walk by someone talking on a cell phone (especially with a bluetooth) and talking like crazy cause I always look to see if they are talking to me.

Wow, u must think you are pretty cool...


Wow, u must think you are pretty cool...talking on your cellphone...does that make you feel super popular?

I am not a cellphone hater - I have one and I luv it...

Long-winded cell phone talkers in the car

Cellphones are bad enough ('can ya hear me now?') but did you ever get a call from someone in their car... they're stuck on the freeway... traffic's not moving...

Privileges vs. Rights

I'll start with some information about the switch from analog TV to Digital:

"In early 2006 the

Eating Noises

Maybe this has been posted already somewhere, but I ride the bus and I'm constantly assaulted by people sitting behind me who like to either 1) suck their teeth (okay, just get a toothpick already), 2

handsfree cell phone

If your hands are free, why do you have to wear it? It isn't a fashion accessory!


I hate cell phones with rap ring tones. We all get it your cool.

Cellphones with Bluetooth Headsets

Ever been startled when a person next to you starts to jabber like a monkey on crack, waving their arms around and there's no one else there?

Complaining about Cellphones


I hate it when people complain about cell phones. Other than places of quiet like a Theater or hospital.

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