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LOL, why oh WHY. . .

Nope, not this one. . . .

Sports announcers

The whole presentation deal in the NFL has been tweaked to the point of torment over the past year or so. Has anyone else noticed this?


OK, well David is sitting here watching the end of the game as LSU wins and WHAT THE HELL is the reason for this STUPID tradition of DUMPING the water cooler on people????????

purple and gold and red, OH MY!!!!

I'M SO TIRED OF IT, all week on the news and all the people around here

Says it all . . .

I will NEVER argue with a referee AGAIN!!!!

Malaysian referee pulls out red card then a gun

Did anyone see this?

I laughed my ass off. Sure you have heard the story. Tony Romo has played the WORST game of his NFL career. His girlfriend Jessica Simpson was in the stands.

Quick, what movie was THIS 'fight' from?


Read the whole account of this fight and tell me if it sounds EXACTLY like, 'Great White Hope'?

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