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Update on Baseball kid...

OK My radio guys are talking about this story right now. Turns out the league this pitcher kid plays on is a confidence building league.

a question about the Olympics

I THOUGHT the minimum age for the Olympics was 16.

so why then is there a male diver from Great Britain who is 14!!!

Always great to hear about . . .

two sisters from the inner cities (Compton and Lynwood, I was born in Lynwood and spent MANY summers in Compton) of LA doing VERY well for themselves.

HE JUST WON #8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Phelps!!!

Phelps Butterfly race. . .

Did any of you see that one? It was, to me, the most exciting race of the olympics (well, as of this AM, VERY AM). Phelps came from behind to take the win AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT!

this guy STUNK...LOL!!

LOLOL!!! Admit it, I was the ONLY person. . .

That KNEW Brett Favre was NOT staying 'retired'! In fact, the SECOND he uttered the line in his retirement speech, 'I can still play' I knew it wasn't gonna last.

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