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Most Recent Rants in Religion

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Churches Should Pay Taxes Like Anyother Business

The churches collect money and provide services just like any other business and should not be exempt from paying taxes. Taxing the churches could help boost our economy!

Someone's Short A Few Brain Cells


WTF? Is the Pope really serious? Condoms don't cure AIDS but does help, at the very least, slow the spread of it.

One more downright Evil pope


Pope Benedict XVI readmitted Bishop Richard Williamson who denies that there was a Holocaust and gas death chambers.

Catholics around the world need to speak out LOUDLY against that monster they ca



With all the decorations out already I'll be sick of Christmas by Thanksgiving! Anyone else feel the same way?

Email from a friend. . . .


This May Ruffle Your Feathers

I cannot believe Abstinence is taught in the schools today instead sex education. Abstinence is a complete and total failure, it didn't work in the past and won't now.

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