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I think PC (Politically correctness) has DESTROYED our will to BE!!!

When I was young, we all teased each other, name calling, 'Dirty Dozens' and etc. You know what that did?


I wanted to get a debate going, so I can sit back and relax..and see what was said!

THIS will get TGIX out of his shell . . .


Can you believe this letter was worth the money it got?

Our congress is made up of a bunch of Stupid FOOLS!!!!

I have been learning much here from you all. Mostly from TGIX. According to him, congress has given all this money recently (let's just talk recently for now), because Bush LIED to them!

an awesome Barack O. video from N.O.

I know we've talked about it lots today BUT I just have this ONE more thing to share. I saw it on myspace and it's a nice video of Barack in N.O.

Current Congress???


Dirty Leaders


Ok, so I know I hate talking politics, but I just have to for this one.

Not all "liberals" are far leftwingers

I consider myself to be fairly liberal, but I'm a little tired of all liberals and registered Democrats being painted with the same far-left brush.  I registered as a Dem years ago, but I hate ALL pol

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