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Another on BITES THE DUST!!!

In wake of Climategate, British climate scientist steps down

By Andrew Nusca | Dec 2, 2009 |

The First Lady??????

Since when is the duty of the First Lady to set fashion trends among the rich and famous? Everytime I turn around there is an article or report on what she is wearing. I would like to hear (or actually see results from) what she is doing about our children going hungry, their education and the overall effort to improve their lives.


I hate people who make negative comments about their co-workers on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) like the person they are talking about will never see what they are saying.


Demonstration of a persons' inability to speak properly [especially in a public venue ; IE- Kimberly Kagans' 09 Nov '09 C-Span oratory, or any by Maxine Walters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, William Delahunt, Joseph Biden] I refer to the mis or inordinate use of "AAH" or "AHM" (choose your favorite), or frequent word/phrase repetitions.

Car Damage!!!!

People who hit other peoples car doors when they are opening up their car door in parking lots and then arn't even man or women enough to leave a note admitting thier mistake!!!!!!!!!

If I don't leave a message, don't call me back!


Some guy called the house tonight and said "You called me about an hour ago?"  Now my husband and I have been watching tv for over an hour and haven't called anyone.  Even if we had, it d

911 conspiracy theorists



911 conspiracy theorists



Reply or Reply All??

Hit the right button will ya!!!!  Keep your private stuff to yourself and dont send it to "All".

Blind Followers


I get so annoyed with people that do not recognize liars.  They believe these cons and follow them blindly.  What ever happened to common sense?

Parents who force their children to fight!


My 10 year old daughter was at the park with some friends and a group of kids started arguing with her. I went to get her and a crowd of the kids' parents surrounded me.


Why do smokers think its ok to throw their butts out of the car window? Do they know they aren't bio-degradeable? Our kids' kids will be ankle deep in cigarette filters!

Cheap A$$ed Neighbors on Halloween


What is with Halloween these days? Almost half of my neighbors didn't pass out candy this year, the a-holes!



I hate it when i'm sitting at a red light and as soon as the light turns green the jerk behind me honks UGH!!

Wow, how things have changed in the years that I have been gone.....

Wow, things have changed so much it doesn't even feel like the site that I first started on.  Then again I have been gone for a  year off of this site.  Anyone miss me???

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