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don't touch that button!!!!


why WHY do people come along when you're waiting for the elevator, see that i have already hit the button thus lighting it up and PUSH IT AGAIN?! this drives me crazy!!! can't you see it's already lit? do you think pushing it again will make the elevator come sooner??!! WHY do people do this?! it's like getting in a car that's already on and trying to turn it on! there's no point!!!!

Lacking 'Social Graces'


What ever happened to teaching [and learning] manners. For example, seeing people eating as if they're at a 'pig trough. Elbows or forearms on the table, [almost like their appendages are firmly attached to the table] They seem incapable of holding their utensils properly,(a fork or spoon, is not a shovel) and can't lift the food to their mouths.

couldn't get on this website


i haven't been on here in 3 years because my last crappy job took away our internet and that peeved the crap out of me! so good to be back!

Helen Thomas. WTF was she thinking?


Damn talk about being an insensitive bitch. Good thing she was fired. I do not want to hear anyone say there are no racist democrats. What she said is just unforgivable. Six million Jews killed and she acts like Hitler. She would have gotten along well with him. Why didn't she just say march them to the gas chambers.


Self Important People

Individuals who comport themselves as being so self-centered and self-important, that they seem to have absolutely no compassion or consideration for others.

What gives these people the right to protest in front of this persons house.


SEIU thugs and scumbags protest in front of a bankers house scaring the shit out of there son. I can see protesting on any place of business but at someones house? No fucking way these people should have been arrested. But no they were escorted by the cops the cops should not have allowed this period.




I won't admit to personally having/not having a firearm, but common sense tells me that (1) there'll be more crime committed in a gun-free community compared to (2) a community where it is common for the majority to possess firearms {and be proficient in their use}.



If I go through the expense of purchasing an answering machine, go to the trouble of programming/recording an outgoing message on it; it's obvious I really am interested in why you called. {especially if you happen to have woke me up, but I wasn't quick enough to get to the phone - I'm not attttached to the damn thing, anyway}

Nobody could be this stupid well yes they can. No politics.


Wow talk about stupid. http://boortz.com/nealz_nuze/2010/05/miss-usa-rocket-surgeon.html


Well she didn't win because she was smart nope she won because she was a muslim. I wonder how all the muslims in the world feel she wore a bakini.

Sneers Fag


It's a troll

It monopolizes this site

No one gives a rat's ass what it says

It should be banned for harassment under this sites terms and conditions




Man liberals are really fuckign this country up. Since when can't you wear the American Flag.


Five students sent home for wearing American flag how fucked up is that? Since when here in America the American flag has been banned. Now I fully expect TGIX to agree with them being sent home just because I posted this. But the people in that county should march on that school district.

Obamas failure on the oil spill. Eight days it takes him to send in the feds.


Eight days eight days it took Obama to do something about the oil spill. Now it is to late and the oil has hit the coast. Obama should have sent the feds right away. Now fisheries are at risk of losing billions because of Obamas failure. The enviromental damage will be beyond anything Katrina did. Way to go Obama on your failure.

People who attack people on spelling when they also misspell words.


one the best the pricipal has ever had and for that reason you are livid that he gets away with reaching out to students so they will do better and improve their grades as you even mention yourself?.... I mean, wow.


Parents who don't parent their own children!

Parents who don't parent their own children stupefy me!  If you have a child, do society the courtesy of actively parenting that child!

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