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What song makes YOU sad and why?

There is this song by The Jets called 'Make it Real'. Song came out in 1987 and was supposed to be the wedding song of my fiancee and I.

Now THIS is MY will, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

Alright, this isn't MY will, but it IS someone's will, LET IT STAND!!!

highway robbery!!!

I was listening to my XM radio earlier today and they were talking about I-pods and how they are a hot selling item and he asked the question, "do you know how much it co

Music Peeves


1. One hit wonders who put out Great Hits CD's!

2. Scratched CD's, especially out of print ones.

UGH, those people!!

THE PEOPLE ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS AT MSN ARE STUPID IMMATURE IDIOTS!!!  you can't have a decent conversation, simply stating facts and/or opinions without them getting

I guess the reunion tour is cancelled?


Yes, I'm a grinch.

I hate Christmas. First off, I'm allergic to Blue Spruce Trees, the perfect Christmas tree. So I get to spend this time of year calling places I want to go and see if they have one.

RIAA Lawsuit

What do you make of this whole mess?  I think the RIAA is outta there freakin minds for pulling stunts like this!  I don't get me wrong, I am NOT adovcating theft, but this is wa

Less than 2.5 hours!!!!!

I will be watching him ------>

you are SO NOT gonna believe this...

remember the I-pod incident where my daughter left it in her pocket and it got washed?

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