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I was watching tv and then...

all of a sudden they started singing...

"love is like a bomb, baby, come and get it on,

I'm sick of this chick!




A CD Peeve!


Whats up with music artists putting "interludes" all through their cd's?  Janet Jackson is well known to do this and in my opinion it just slows down the flow of the whole album!&nb

Sheryl Crow....A rave!

Sheryl Crow's new CD Detours is pretty good (get it on I-Tunes and you'll get bounus tracks).  My favorite song is Love is Free, its about the aftermath of the New Orleans flood.&

Hannah Montana Movie

It comes to theaters on Friday to Austin. They already have tickets on sale for $15 a person, for a freggin movie. It is mostly already sold out!

Sorry conanabana . . .

Hannah Montana caught using body double

And she was doing so 'good'. . .

Cops: Intoxicated Spears hands over kids
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