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Most Peeved Rants in Movies

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Horror movie Cliches


1. Victims are in a all out sprint, while the killer is walking at a snails pace, yet some how catches the victim everytime.

Sex Pet Peeves

No one really tells the truth about sex

The Twi crap Saga

If you actually enjoyed reading this series, than you are either a masochist or just have really horrible taste. Twilight was a poorly written piece of crap with little to no plot. You're basically getting a wet dream from reading these books. Nobody would give a damn about the movies if the actors, (if you could even call them that) didnt look as great as they do.

Scary Movies


What are some of your favorites?

Mine are:

Stupid hollywood phrases...


This one really gets my goat... when someone is sick or dying and they are on the operating table and someone is desperately trying to revive them whether it is by by CPR, paddles, etc. and the person next to them says something like "Stop, he/she is already dead!"  I say let the poor sole get as much help as possible!


Now, let me restate what I actually mean - it actually is a 'good' movie, silly and no violence, however, the R rating is VERY misleading!

so, I went to the movies

and I saw "27 Dresses" with my girls and it was cool if it wasn't for the IMBECILE that kept KICKING the back of my chair!!!


just got back from the movies and I saw the new "Mummy" movie!!!

Mr. Sexy, you WILL be missed...

of course I'm talkin about Patrick Swayze. I was SO hoping he would pull through this!!! He hd a new show on cable called The Beast. I liked it among all his other movies as well.


does anyone know if those blu-ray dvd players also play regular dvd's or ONLY blu ray dvd's?  QVC's special value today is a blu ray dvd player for about 250.00

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