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More trouble for Toyota.

Glad I do not own one. Yep never owned a foreign car never will. BUY AMERICAN FOR THE AMERICAN WORKER.


The Push to Take More and More Prescription Drugs

I absolutely hate commercials about prescription medications. Why do we need these? If we need a prescription for something we go to the doctor and they prescribe what we need for what we have. We don't need to sit at home becoming hypochondriacs thinking we have every illness on earth and then go to the doctor and TELL the doctor what we need. It's all backwards and the reason = $$$$$.

16 year old with teachers has gotten worse.


It is now up to 11 adult men in there 50 and 60s with this 16 year old student. And yet still nothing in the local newspapers. I do not how much more bizarre this can get. Yet it is being swept under the rug.

People Never Thank GOD

When The celebs Accept Awards They Never Thank The Lord And Thats Not Right.Without GOD They Wouldnt Be Here And They Need To Take Time And Write A List Of Who They Would Like To Thank.If GOD Can Put Them On His List Why Cant They Put Him On Theirs

Teachers who have sex with students.


3 teachers and 2 staff were dismissed last week for having sex with a 16 year old girl at Pendleton County High School in Franklin WV. No charges have been filed because the county sqaushed it. They just let them resign. You will see no news stories on it because it will be buried and just let go.

Study shows liberal aetheists are more intelligent

To those who will reject it even before reading the study, know this - denial is at best a waste of time and at worst something even far less desirable. IOW resistance is futile. LOL


Attention Deficit Dis-Order, etc...


  What a bullshit  "disease".  What a crock of shit sickness.  Get your ass out of the house, exercise and eat right and maybe one day you'll be able to sit and watch a movie without talking or getting up, maybe you'll be able to read a book halfway through, maybe you'll be able to fall asleep properly.

Stupid drug ads and fake sicknesses...

  I am sick of all the stupid drug ads that try to fix one condition but you may actually die from a host of other symptoms.  They are almost hilarious if not totally boring and stupid.  And what about all the fake diseases that the medical community always comes up with..ADD, fibromyalgia, etc. ..give me a break..


I'm convinced that people who recline their seats on planes have never been reclined on themselves. If they had, they wouldn’t recline there damm seat! Should the airlines take out seats and make more room for passengers? Yes. Will they? No. So let’s all start being a little more courteous to your fellow passengers.

Especially those of us with laptops!


Get healthcare done

I am going to end on a depressing note. Healthcare. Why we still need to do this. The Democrats need to get their act together with some Republicans to support the Ted Kennedy/Mitt Romney plan.

3/4 of Americans support openly gays in the military

I'd like to end a positive note and affirm the wisdom of the American people. The latest ABC/Washington Post poll shows that 3/4 of Americans support openly gays in the military across all party lines. This is unprecedented—82% Democrats, 77% Independents and even 64% Republicans support gays in the military. That is a high mark on tolerance and compassion.

People from Other Cultures Who Use their Culture as an Excuse to be Rude and Disrespectful

I live in a diverse neighbor and overall I have had no problems with anyone, except the neighbor under me who constantly plays extremely loud Latin music all times of the day and night on and off.  I complained about him over and over to the manager and then the manager claims that it is just their culture to play loud music and want others to join in.  I say it is just plain rude and

Food that costs a dollar

Why is that they are trying to kill us poor people with food that costs a dollar?  Its so tempting, so good and so in budget.  But its so greasy and bad for you!  I try not to but I'm hungry dammit!

Zombies- Am I the last one awake in So Cal!

Needless to say I'm from southern california- the land of beautiful people.  I know Im not hard on the eyes either but I'm seriously getting disillusioned on there being any real people in this haphazard part of the world.  Girls spend more time and hair and makeup and juding other girls hair and makeup than other any activity including thinking (yes it is an activity)  I think M


This is the biggest friggin game to most of us and the peeve community has ignored this big event. Let's take a greak from  the serious crap and go out on the line. I'm from LA and I a m rooting for the Saints-----Lord knows they need more than a Super bowl win to get thier spirit back.

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