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Cars Breaking down.

We need to go back to horse and buggy cars breaking down all the time tires fuel expensive this just sucks.

text and driving

THIS HAS BECOME A NATIONAL PAST TIME !!!! BASEBALL USED TO BE BUT NOT ANYMORE!!. if there is one thing that  really pisses me off the most is TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!.  there should be a law  for this whoever texts while driving needs to  to be arrested for [TWD] texting while driving.



Motorcycle Riders

I'm probably gonna get hit upside the head for this one but I'd just like to say my peace.

I have many friends that ride cycles and I love them dearly.  Here's my rant.

Please please please..You are all great people and love to do runs for charities and bless your hearts for that. 

Celtics Pride-Miami Chokes

What's with all the hype around Le Big Braun and Duuuuane. The Celts are older but they run the hell out of the heat.

Obama and Romney

Obama really stuck it to Romney today when he held the press conferencce from Afghanistan to recognize the killing of Al Queda's leader today. What did Romney have to say? Nothing-- what a jerk.

The Diet Solution Recipes

There are so many overweight individuals today that it has become imperative for almost everyone to lose weight. And most people who want to lose weight are looking for ways to do so in a short period of time. However, you will notice that while there are a lot of individuals who fail to reach their weight loss goals.

Okay since when did we get this way??


Okay as you all may or may not know, I am in phone tech support STILL!!!

The thing I hate the WORST is when people DON'T like what they hear, they start talking OVER you to get there way.

I have also noticed that with folks in my office. When I try to bring up a specific point I get talked over and nearly walked out of meetings.

Gestapo is coming to your neighborhood

You've heard by now. Some child, who hasn't lived long enough to know much of anything about life, could be forcibly removed from his home and the loving arms of his parents, because he's fat.  A bit extreme wouldn't you agree?


my pet





find it ;)

One suggestion to help the economy.

Get rid of the laws and rehabilitation programs that aren't worth the paper they're written on.  Rehabilitation programs don't work.  Some say, if we save one person, it's worth it.  Yeah, and the other 99 are out there destroying people's lives.  What a bunch of crap!

There is no God!


The world is screwed up because people are killing each other over something that doesn't exisit.  Wouldn't be easier to forget about all that crap and just try to get along and live out our days without all this hate and killing?

Restaurant Rants


I want to hear about pet peeves in the restaurant industry from waiters and waiters and all restaurant employees

and the dining public.

The Rapping Waitress


My Kiss My Grits video is at www.youtube.com/sybilpresley



Two of my close family members have worked as servers. Both at popular upscale chain eateries. They have both told horror stories about the way they have been treated by customers. SERVERS WORK FOR FAR LESS THAN MIN. WAGE, THEY DEPEND ON TIPS FOR EARNINGS AND THEN THEY HAVE TO PAY TAXES FROM THOSE TIPS. THEY ARE ON THEIR FEET FOR UP TO 12 HRS PER DAY.

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