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wipe the damn seat, will ya?

Tell me, men, what is so hard about wiping any pee you got on the seat?  I shouldn't have to inspect everytime I need to sit on a toilet!

How would you like this to happen to you and your family?

How would you like this to happen to your family?  You have a specialty that is needed in another country, go over there to help and want to bring your family with you only to get denied becau

thinking pink....

Pill bottles

I hate these kid proof bottles! They can be a bear to open sometimes especially if you have wet hands.

Man, 112, says secret to long life is being active

Ain't THAT the truth . . .


I work for a call center, as you may know, I find so many people just plain......simple.

You GO Great grandpa!!!!!

Marathon hopeful, 101-year-old , training hard

so, I SLICED my finger open while cleaning out my freezer...

and I was in the ER at Ochsner hosp for 3 1/2 hrs!  I'm such a 'tard.  my freezer in my laundry room needed to be cleaned and I had just gone to Sam's to

ok, so it's been 3 years today and HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

OOHHHH LORDY!!!  I was SO NOT ready but I can't deny it anymore!

Gotta run to work but saw this VERY interesting ad. . .

It was about some 'new' drug that is being recalled.

Migraine Facts....

 In addition to being disabling, Migraines can be life-threatening. To put this in perspective, more people died from Migrainous Stroke last year than were murdered with handguns.

Tree Man

Did any of you see this last night on ABC?  I just saw the commercials for it, and decided I couldn't watch it.  So of course today I had to look it up.

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