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The rude old hag at 6 flags

Being the brave soul that I am, i took all 4 kiddos to 6 Flags on Tuesday....but I drug my mom along since my husband was at work.

The weather was nice, and had a great breeze, so I figured Addi wo


Don't suck it!!!

I went to Sam's and Wal-mart earlier today and while I was in Sam's in the line to check out, I noticed a kid in the basket in front of me who was SUCKING HER THUMB!!!!

What punishment fits this crime?

A woman in Orlando, Fla., is accused of throwing her 2-month-old baby into a moving car during an argument with the child's father, according to police.


Witnesses said Eva Jean Platt was argui

Spending Money They Don't Have

I've had to deal with this in every relationship I've had ... and it's just scary how many people live on the edge of financial ruin. Why do people insist on spending money they don't have?

necessity dictates couteous logic

Ok... well it is finals week here at El Universidad de Texas Norte "summer edition", and sitting my first exam (only two exams out of SEVEN CLASSES SO BEAT THAT!) in my US Histories Class.

stupid father

on my way back from lunch i saw a father trying to cross AGAINST THE LIGHT pushing a baby buggy and the other cars didn't stop for him.  i stopped to let him go but i wanted to get out and take the ki

Kids that learn things from their piss poor parents

I guess even piss poor parents have some good qualities that the kid(baby goat) can learn from, but the bad ones seem to prevail more.

My step-son (who is 10) was in our girls room playing with the

"correct" english

When people find out I'm a linguist and start complaining to me about how badly kids speak these days.


I live with my grandparents, so they are always getting calls from telemarketers.

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