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Your Vote for The Scariest Movie Monster


Is it Godzilla? Pumpkinhead? The Alien from the Aliens franchise? Predator?

Horror movie Cliches


1. Victims are in a all out sprint, while the killer is walking at a snails pace, yet some how catches the victim everytime.

Scary Movies


What are some of your favorites?

Mine are:

Dvd Peeves

1. DVD's with Ads or trailers that you can'r forward through.  They are the ones that start right at the beginning, BAH!

2. DVD's that have no closed captioning.


does anyone know if those blu-ray dvd players also play regular dvd's or ONLY blu ray dvd's?  QVC's special value today is a blu ray dvd player for about 250.00

Friday the 13th: The Series Season 1 DVD

Picked this show up on DVD recently and have to say how great it was.

Tv News


I cannot even stand to watch the TV news anymore. The most annoying thing is that you don't get anywhere near the whole story, you get a sloppy 20 second sound bite (at best). 

PLEASE get this WRONG!!!!

Psychopath test

for shamrox...and anyone else


so you can "see" me a little better, lol!

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