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'Don't leave you family holding the bag'

'Too much for your phone?'

'Health insurance too much, call us!'

I think of this everytime I see this guy!

"...because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...and doggone it people like me...!!!" 

Bite me, bite me.

I am sooo tired of infomercials

I stumbled across this and LMAO!!!

remember "d*ck in the box"?  well one of the guys (Sat. night live) from that is in this video and this video is HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!

Baseball-Out of Control? Manny Greed

Help me out here. We are all working harder and more hours to make less money while the economy continues to reel out of control.

A Rave for Christmas!

I just bought the Jeff Dunham Chirstmas Special, I don't normally like stand up comedy but this guy is great! Jeff is a ventriloquist with several puppets.

An open letter to celebrities

Dear celebrities,


The last day to buy previously viewed DVDs will be 11/30.
We thought about it and it makes sense for us to focus on our main business -
delivering great movie rentals to you b

Help me out here


The guys at work are telling a certain kind of joke, trying to one-up each other. I want to top them. Can you come up with some for me?

True Blood

This show is getting soooo good! I wonder if Sukie and Bill will have little vampire babies. LOL

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