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As if what happens (sometimes) in teh toilet wasn't 'scary' enough, eh conanabana? (c;}

Horror story printed on toilet paper in Japan
Sun May 24, 10:32 am ET


A nice music video. . .

Obama sings the blues? Now I don't know who did this, but it is

O dumbshit is not going to release photos

Why is this you ask? Because the dems are in this enhanced interrogation as much as the republicans are. TGIX thinks that it is all Bush however it is not.

for Rkinne, cuz my comment wouldn't post...

too long I guess...here goes...
boys of summer don henley
cruel summer bananarama
summer girls, LFO...YEAH I said IT!!!
ANY song from the go-go's
poison, bell biv devoe
paul revere beastie boys

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur star of Maude and Golden Girls died on Saturday morning.

Bea was one of my favorite actresses.

just a couple of VERY annoying things...

first, pumping gas at certain idiotic stations that LIMIT how much gas you get at one time.

Special Reports on TV

A Big Tv peeve is when they interupt your show for a special report, only to hear the news anchors go on and on and on for an hour about details they don't have yet.


DAMMIT, I'm addicted!!! I have had a page for over a year now but all of a sudden since I've just passed my 20th year since high school, everyone wants to ask if you have a myspace or facebook page.

come on..he's not really THAT dumb...


one word...Joaquin Phoenix. personally, I think it was all staged.

Bart Versus Australia

Ok the Aussies had some Pet Peeves of their own on this one, but good comedy is good comedy.

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