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Stupid Hollywood phrases...


One really annoying phrase we constantly hear on TV and in the movies is..."Quit Patronizing me!"  Who actually says this in real life???

Video Gaming Raves

I am an avid gamer and there are some things that are driving me nuts about gaming.

1. Playing online when the server crashes right at a critical point in the game! You eventually get to log back in but all the progress you made is gone and you have to restart!

WHO DAT?? WE DAT!!!!!!

TIME FOR A SUPER SPECIAL SAINTSTACULAR SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!! \\/\// ||-|| (()) ||)) //-\\ '||'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Twi crap Saga

If you actually enjoyed reading this series, than you are either a masochist or just have really horrible taste. Twilight was a poorly written piece of crap with little to no plot. You're basically getting a wet dream from reading these books. Nobody would give a damn about the movies if the actors, (if you could even call them that) didnt look as great as they do.

Con vs Leno

It's all about the hair -- Conan needed to do something with that bozo the clown cut - then his ratings would have taken off

Girls obessing about celebrity gossip

It drives me crazy to watch girls rant and rant about celebrity news...shallow

Great Music Vid.


Leave to Ray Stevens.

wrong thumbnail

I've been reading daily news from the excite web pages, including their celebrity daily news for at least 10 years.

For the 1st 3 years it was just an annoyance. Then I wasted a half hour and wrote to tell them what's wrong.


Peeve Characters...

I see ya'll are doing the contest again. When do you start to announce the winners? Also, my favorite from the contest rules:


"All entries become the property of Pet Peeves, LLC and will not be acknowledged or returned."


Based on that - I will not expect to ever find out the answer to the above question.

The First Lady??????

Since when is the duty of the First Lady to set fashion trends among the rich and famous? Everytime I turn around there is an article or report on what she is wearing. I would like to hear (or actually see results from) what she is doing about our children going hungry, their education and the overall effort to improve their lives.

Channel Flippers/Remote Hoarders

I hate channel flippers. My grandparents came over to my house for Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to a relaxing day of watching football. My Grandpa insisted that he hold the TV remote the entire time he was here. I told him I wanted to watch the football game. He turned it to the game but as soon as I left to use the restroom, he flipped the channel.

Not a rant, a RAVE!!!!

You should all go get Sarah Palins book and read it. Inform your brain because I know most of you only think of her what you saw on TV. FACT: 99% of Alaskans do NOT like the Sarah that was on TV as VP elect. FACT: The Sarah you saw on TV is not Sarah, it was what the GOP made her be. FACT: She fixed our state, she can damn well fix the country.

OffAir television reception.

I live 'out in the boondocks', in mountainous terrain.

Great Music Never Heard? Blues

One of my biggest peeves is that most of the great music still isn't heard by us.



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