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Does anyone else prefer a "real" book as opposed to eBooks/Kindle, etc.

I read 2-3 novels a week, along with cookbooks and reference/self-help books.

I just love the feel and smell of a book in my hands.  I can lay down on my soft couch or bed and fall asleep while I'm reading. 

The Disney Corporation

Within a few years, this corporation, which was originally intended for more, wholesome, family entertainment will be dead.  Their current catering to the emo, hipster, rich, powder white, racist, bigoted crowd will kill them.  Their stock has been down more than not because of this.  They are currently trying to be dark, scary, and nasty to compete with the other networks. 

Speling words wrong on purpose

Especially in Advertising. Examples to follow:

Pat Robertson: Snow Is God’s Way of Punishing Americans Who Were Planning to Drive to Do Something Gay


Thanks to: www.borowitzreport.com

Did you know that one out of every ten Americans was just about to go drive to do something gay before the merciful snow save them?

When is the Andrews Air Force Base air show?


Hey TGIX have they already had the air show at Andrews? If not when are they having it? Thanks.

america's got moron's for judges of talent

ok WTF is going on with these judges???!!! if anyone watches this show i CANNOT BELIEVE they took that old tired ugly ass yodeling abomination who went WAY over her 90 seconds to a whopping 11 minutes (and she sucks) to hollywood and not the opera singing prodigy!!! ARE THEY SERIOUS??!! too much crack sharon? to much sun seeping in that bald head howie?

Ben Stiller has a few pet peeves!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people put their dirty shoes on a bed that either themselves or someone else sleeps in.  I had a good laugh while watching Ben Stiller's latest movie Greenberg, where his character has many pet peeves. If you havent seen it, or want to see it again, MovieSet.com has a contest to win 4 copies of the DVD.

People Who Don't Stand Up for Themselves Piss Me Off

Due to Facebook's shady policies on privacy I am joining others in canceling my account on May 31st. What vexes me is all the people who belly ache about how awful Facebook is, but will continue using the service anyway.  I'm showing my displeasure by telling Mark Zuckerman to shove his service right up his anal cavity!

"I'm calling" and "how are you?" and commercials with talking inaninate objects!


It drives me insane when...

*Someone calls a radio station, gets on the air and says, "Yeah, I'm calling."  and then goes into what they want to say.  Duh!  If you weren't calling you wouldn't be on the phone!!!

Hollywood peeves that drive me insane.

Hollywood Peeves - Things hollywood does to drive us insane.

Sound Effects

People Never Thank GOD

When The celebs Accept Awards They Never Thank The Lord And Thats Not Right.Without GOD They Wouldnt Be Here And They Need To Take Time And Write A List Of Who They Would Like To Thank.If GOD Can Put Them On His List Why Cant They Put Him On Theirs

Movies on VH1 and E!

Why are there movies on VH1 and E! channel? There are a million other channels for movies filled with commercials. I want to see anything BUT movies on these channels. It drives me crazy! Can't they come up with enough ideas for programming for these channels or something? They have to resort to playing re-run movies over and over and over? Sometimes that is exactly what they do too.

Stupid hollywood phrases...


This one really gets my goat... when someone is sick or dying and they are on the operating table and someone is desperately trying to revive them whether it is by by CPR, paddles, etc. and the person next to them says something like "Stop, he/she is already dead!"  I say let the poor sole get as much help as possible!

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