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Most Peeved Rants in Customer Service

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Food that costs a dollar

Why is that they are trying to kill us poor people with food that costs a dollar?  Its so tempting, so good and so in budget.  But its so greasy and bad for you!  I try not to but I'm hungry dammit!

Tired of rude people

It amazes me how many people think it necessary to be rude to sales people. I am so tired of people coming into my store either in a bad mood or with an attitude. I really dont mind helping people locate what theyre looking for, but please dont have an attitude. Im just a normal person trying to earn a living like everybody else. I dont like being treated like gum on the bottom of your shoe.


I'm convinced that people who recline their seats on planes have never been reclined on themselves. If they had, they wouldn’t recline there damm seat! Should the airlines take out seats and make more room for passengers? Yes. Will they? No. So let’s all start being a little more courteous to your fellow passengers.

Especially those of us with laptops!


More Phone Peeves.....

Why is that people who dial the wrong number assume that you know the correct number? No moron I don't have the phone to the local sex toy store and no I don't know how to reach Obama.

Itunes and Amazon Rip off

I admit it, I was curious to hear the newly released Micheal Jackson song from Amazon or I-Tunes.

Survey Sites That Say No Way on PayDay.

It kills me when you join a nationally syndicated survey site that wants your undying loyalty and honesty when answering a bunch of stupid questions for multimillion dollar companies who pay them a pretty penny to hear your opinion and then when you reach your cash out threshold and request your money it takes another fifty years to get it.

Store Cards

I am sick, sick, sick, AND tired of all these stores that want you to use those little wallet cards or keyring cards to get store sales and/or discounts. It seems like half the stores you go to these days demand that you use them.  I'm sorry but I don't want my wallet or key chain filled with cards, especially when some of these stores aren't regular places where I shop.

Big hardware stores.

I don't know about you all but unless I know exactly what I am looking for I have had no luck with the big hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. When I ask a question I get this dumb founded look on there face. Then I get a bullshit answer. So that is why I do most of my hardware shopping at my local hardware store unless there is something specific I am looking for.

Self Important People

Individuals who comport themselves as being so self-centered and self-important, that they seem to have absolutely no compassion or consideration for others.

"Best Buy"

God I hate dealing with this company!

Freakin good for nothng answering services.....

I hope my child pediatrician gets that stupid, lazy ass bitch fired!

My child has been very ill.

Bank Drive Thru


Funeral Peeves

My aunt died and her funeral was today.

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