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Ahhh, technology brings a mess

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love all this new technology.

pics in emails

When I get emails with pictures in them, for some reason, MOST of the time, the pics NEVER show up!  there are just big empty gray boxes in the email where the pics shoul

I-Tunes 8.0 My Review

8.0 is BUGGY, I installed it last night and it promptly crashed my PC.  Itunes 8 is more unstable than a drunk Tim Allen at dangerous hardware convention.

what?? this is a new one for me!

NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT VIA ATM CARD This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not




what the EFF is wrong with my Ipod???

it AIN'T playing right!!  It worked just fine yesterday and today when I get in the car and start playing it, it skips songs, doesn't play songs, the album artwor

they just want me to be the fall guy....

Dear Sir/madam,

Cool New Software Tool

I got really lucky to find this one, but thought I'd share it with you.



Check this out!  Ah the power of suggestion eh?


Don't Take Your Electronics to Canada

A new law will soon go into affect in Canada designed to curb piracy, a good thing right?  Not so fast!  This law gives customs the right to seize any ele

My Computer Crashing


AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My computer has become less stable than Charles Manson on a good day!

Cool Software


Ever wanna put videos from your pc onto an I-Pod, PSP, or other personal video player? 


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