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It's about TIME!!!!!

Group asks Google to stop map image service
Fri Dec 19, 1:21 pm ET

TOKYO (Reuters) – A group of J

Christmas Party 'to-do' list!!!

Yes, some of you already have seen this one, I posted it last year plus it IS making the rounds again in the email rounds. . .

Another reason I HATE GOOGLE:

Now you can put in address and not only see it from above, but they give you STREET LEVEL VIEWS AS WELL!!!

Who did it THIS time???

Vulcan, I am looking in YOUR direction!!!


The last day to buy previously viewed DVDs will be 11/30.
We thought about it and it makes sense for us to focus on our main business -
delivering great movie rentals to you b

Hmmm, must be all the LEGAL drugs!!!!

Dutch court convicts 2 of stealing virtual items
Tue Oct 21, 1:09 pm ET

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – A

A question for everyone


I've been thinking of ways to help family and friends with computer problems (including everyone here).

Rave then rant....

Our Hockey team had the season opener, against a "rival" I would say (I could be wrong). It was an awesome game, honestly the BEST hockey game I have EVER been to.

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Look out for a program called either Anti-Virus 2008 or 2009 (no brand name).

New Peeve

I play a game called Diablo 2 online (hey its my guilty pleasure) which requires the use of the full screen.

Vista.....~ rave


My company announced they are upgrading our work computers to Vista. I really like it but can't figure out why the company is doing this, they don't like any video or graphics.

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