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O.K. THIS is truly pathetic. . . .

Dear Friend,

I'm very sorry if I am in anyway disturbing your privacy with my Proposal, I write you my proposal with the tears in my heart and the saddest thing that would happen to someone of my

"Best Buy"

God I hate dealing with this company!

Yahoo's Email Pet Peeves

Email may have taken over from verbal communication, but when it comes to sending electronic messages Yahoo!

Wallpaper Rave


I get bored with my wallpaper and like to freshen up it a bit at times.


My computer went out again, I have a home warranty through the Geek Squad to fix it.

A Rave


Ok my I-Tunes has a tab in each song that will allow you to input lyrics, but I-Tunes for some strange reason doesn't offer an automatic way to fill it in.

And it continues...

I figured the weekend would defeat my mood and the bad things happening to me, but of course not.


DAMMIT, I'm addicted!!! I have had a page for over a year now but all of a sudden since I've just passed my 20th year since high school, everyone wants to ask if you have a myspace or facebook page.

This is Some Scary Stuff.....


What the article says in a nutshell is that your ISP (Comcast, At&t, AOL, etc.) must keep records of EVERY thing that you do while online and be a

The Next Windows


I'm back.

A few notes about Windows 7.

Whats wrong TGIX?

Am I getting to you TGIX. I am have done nothing worse then you have done in the past. I have even called for a truce which you told me to fuck off.

'LOVE' these!!!!


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