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Maggie The Elephant

So ya'll know about Maggie by now, our lone elephant that the Bunny-humpers keep telling us we can't have... They have stooped to a new low.

Lindsay Lohan's movie BOMBS

I just heard on the radio that Jay Leno said more people saw Lindsay Lohan in their rear-view mirrors that saw her in her new movie!  It looks like the public is finally fed up with her selfish, destr

Throw them all in jail!

Is it over yet on Paris Hilton?  After all that drama from that dang rich princess, the warden at that jail house should do us all a favor....just put her and the other 3 dumb leftover party witches o

Harry Potter

Not exactly a peeve with Harry, but the peeve is kinda his fault in a round about way. I have read the books...I am trapped in a child's mind......and have seen the movies so far.

assume the position...

I came across a show on HBO last night called "Assume the position with Mr.

mentally ill? DUH..

LOS ANGELES -- Comedian Richard Jeni, who shot himself to death in March, had a history of mental illness and was hospitalized late last year for suicidal depression, according to a coroner's report o


One thing that sucks about Alaska is not getting any concerts. I see all these bands going to Stockholm, Scotland, England, Russia, some crazy place I never heard of.... No stop in Alaska.

It's ME!!!

Yes, this is the sexy bitch you have w

hollywood homewreckers (and regular ones too)

so i read on the cover of people that angelina Holie intended to get pregnant while brad and jen were still married. if that's true, may she burn in hell forever!

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