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I Hate Being Broke!

Just venting here.

Hello Again!

I  FINALLY got my truck back last night!!! WHOO HOO! So I was going to sign on real quick and tell you all. I have been so busy, that I haven't had a chance to get on at home!

my question for the day

I'm about to leave to run an errand BUT before I go, I MUST ask this question:

New Car Curse

I have been dealing with it for two days now. Yesterday I was on my way out of town and was cut me off but a pick up, and I mean INCHES cut off.

Howdy Peevers!!

I just wanted to drop by and say HELLO to all the peevers that I miss... which is everyone except TGIX. I also figured I would give you an update on my car search.


I have no one to blame except myself.


Yesterday, at 4 o'clock, Rosie, the other girl I work with was getting off work, so I was going to run into to town to the bank, then go get me a soda.....she asked if she could ride with me.

Product Peeves

Why does everything have to be made with the black glossy plastic these days?

My reply to TGIX from my vehicle post

TGIX you have proved again how stupid and rude you are.

A little input would be great!!

So I'm starting my shopping for a new vehicle. I'm getting a truck, and nothing is going to change my mind on that.


Ok, I am happy because I traded in my Xterra, and got an 08 Nissan Pathfinder! YEAH! Now we can all fit into one car when Jaxson comes down, and no longer have to take 2 cars EVERYWHERE!

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