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Saying a prayer for all us tech support people


Ok all.

Christmas and Black Friday are coming.

You know what that means.

Guess who's going to be phoning us with all the NON-RELATED technical questions


There are folks that spend HUNDREDS OF HRS writing manuals to help you..

I say a prayer for all of us who work in tech support

Having to idiot proof everything.

I work in foodservice at a university and I tell you some of the stupid people they hire. You have to make everything idiot proof because unless the foodservice at colleges is self op then companies will hire any jerk off the street looking for a job. Anyway so you have to label everything when to pull it what to use it just to make sure they do not pull the wrong thing and use it.

The word I HATE most in tech support


Okay in 11 years of  tech support the word I have come to LOATHE the most is 'POWER  CYCLE'

For God's sake, it;s a damn RESET,

You simply UNPLUG AND PLUG the damn device


Coworker who goes out if her way to find everyone mistake you make (not matter if the boss cares, she still does it!!)

I want to punch this cunt in the face! She goes out of her way to find every little miniscule mistake...and it doesnt matter to the bosses...they tell me that they don't even look at them. But low and behold, when I come in to start my week, there is a whole shitload of crap this bitch thinks are errors.

Where are the ranters and ravers?


Not a rant, just a question. Where did everyone go, that used to post on this site?

The roadsign is there for a reason idiot.


So the last few days I am leaving work and we have to go out a certain way this week. So I am sitting in my car a big line of cars are waiting for some stupid student to turn. Only problem is there is no left turn where you exit. You are supposed to turn right. Well this jerk is trying to turn left traffic will not let him go and the line is building up.

Just about had it


Hey all, it's been a while.

Okay, what the hell is wrong with people these days.

This scares me that people from my generation are becoming rude, pushy.

As you know, I'm in tech support and I'm TOTALLY APPAULED when I'M trying to do MY thing and the person DOESN'T like what they hear, THEN people start talking over me which I absolute HATE.

People Who Talk About Things They Know Nothing About...


I can't stand people who spread false rumors!

My Nephew recently died due to complications of a heart condition. What angers me is the people who are saying things that aren't remotely true!

Rumors include:

He committed suicide.

He was murdered.

He had some weird disease.

People need to learn to mind their own frickin' business!

Technology is ruining our privacy and common sense

Whats with people who expect privacy in a public place?  If you're on a cell phone in public please keep in mind that other people are around and can note everything you say.  I've heard a man give his social security number to someone (idiot) while in line at Target, another giving graphic details of her masectomy, and another lady telling her girlfriend about cheating on h

ATM fees.

I was at a atm machine the other day and they wanted 3.50 to draw my money out. Plus the 50 cent charge that my bank charges. That is a total of 4 bucks. What a ripoff that was needless to say I never done it. These banks are out of control.

Bloomingdales credit protection scam

I recently opened a Bloomingdales credit card to receive an extra 15% off a purchase. I didn't notice the $1.63 fee on my bill until I saw the welcome to their credit protection plan letter. The sales clerk did not tell me I was buying a credit protection plan. I've cancelled the plan (1 phone call) and tried to get an immediate refund (another phone call).

Turning into the wrong lane...


Whichever way you turn, left or right, you turn into the nearest lane.  THEN you can change lanes as necessary. 

This allows opposite-direction, turning-traffic to turn at the same time. 

Use your blinker. Get in the right lane unless you're turning or passing.

Driving in the left lane...


On a 4-lane road (2-lanes same direction), the left lane is for passing, the right lane is for driving.  If you're not passing, get back in the right lane.

Merging lanes


It works like a zipper.  Where the lane ends, not before, you merge.  Each left/continuing-lane car lets in one right/ending-lane car, one-for-one.  How hard is that?



Those who are on the elevator get off, THEN those who are off get on.  In that order.  Simple rule.  Same applies to subways, busses, etc.

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