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Music in the Gym


Now I know this is petty, but the management at my gym just changed the style of music/videos that is being played.  I wasn't a fan of the music they played before, which was top 40 Pop, like Brittany

High School Sports Parents


I can't stand going to a high school game, where all the kids are there to learn to play the sport, have fun, and maybe win, and hear the parents trashing the ref, or the coach, or the kids.

Outraged Customer- where is the store help


I don't about you but I am really po'd when I spend my precious time during lunch and after work and I am at a local Osco, Vons, or Home Depot and there are 10+ check out lines and 3 of them have empl

Too Much Information!


So it's the last day of blessed freedom for all of us before the Peevemeister has to go back to school, and I get the terrific idea (along with 5, 479 of my closest friends) to take him to Target for

Stinky People


It is hot out now, and it will be for another month, but is it so hard to take a shower?  How about doing laundry?  And deoderant is NOT expensive.    I was standing in line at the grocery store and t

Late People


Okay, I don't get this.  When someone says they will meet you at 12:00, that doesn't mean 12:15 or 12:30!!!  Don't people realize we all have 100 other things we would rather do that sit around and wa

my pet peeve...


people who are fake!

Why not be real and honest with eachother.  Isn't life too short?  Why spend your time being nice when you truly don't like someone?  I cannot stand people who are fake! 

You can't get good help these days...


After a year and a half of not having to buy shoes because Peevester's feet hadn't grown, I had to face the toes-finally-poking-out-of-the-tennies reality.

Multi-tasking at its scariest!

The other day, the Peevemeister and I were tooling along on one of the larger (busier) streets in our town. Next to us in a mondo huge-o Hummer was a woman 1. talking on her cellphone 2.



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I know this is the time of year for cheer and Holiday shopping, but are people really all that different any other time of the year?  All shoppers can do is complain about how they are "not" being ser

pet peeve


toilet paper hung the wrong way

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