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Finishing a day of


I hate when day off over! I don't want to come back to camp



Just making a test.

Most annoying commercial


Most of the time I can pretty much tolerate any commercial, no matter how annoying..HOWEVER.. is anyone ELSE grossed out by the latest E-Harmony commercial where they claim to make the best hookups..

Only to see this couple all over each other on a couch making out like banshees?


How to Become an Ideal WorkPlace?


in order to become an ideal workplace, one where employees feel they’re valued and have opportunities for growth, business owners need to create a community and a culture that emp...... keep reading here : http://www.feedcp.com/feed/448924

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Buy 30mg Roxys, Oxys 20mg-80mg

Just not selling the amount of services needed to have a successful business!

My business HoneyBunchModels.com is a really good business for foot fetish men, but for some reason they just aren't purchasing a service from my models. This is very frustrating because the business is there, the money was spent on it to get it up and running, but I am not gettiong a return on my investments. I feel like I've did a good job on the business but obviously not.

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A true home away from home

San Diego Bed and Breakfast
Two of us spent three nights at the San Diego Bed and Breakfast. What a wonderful place! We so enjoyed our stay!
The guest apartment is beautiful, comfortable, and immaculate.

Trying to leave the gas station.


So I am trying to pull out into the road there is no traffic. One car comes over the hill and parks right in the way of the driveway to the gas station. It is about 500 feet to the stop light. Jerk.

Rain rain rain.


I am on vacation and it is raining like crazy. Sucks I want to go do stuff.



I am on vacation for 2 weeks wooooooooooooo whoooooooooooooo

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