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People really are fear stricken to the point of irrationality


Not a shot fired, plenty of people stabbed though, and the hysteria immediately turns to blaming guns when, ironically enough, it was in fact a gun that put this maniac's massive bloodshed to an end before even more people were sliced apart.


Obama releases how many nuclear weapons we have.



Man this guy is a fucking idiot. This should be treated as treason period.

Obama to have access to your banking account.


when the financial reform bill is passed the government will be able to go into your banking account any time they want without a search warrent. Hugo Chavez anyone. Obama will be able to look at it anytime he wants without you even knowing it.



Obamas failure on the oil spill. Eight days it takes him to send in the feds.


Eight days eight days it took Obama to do something about the oil spill. Now it is to late and the oil has hit the coast. Obama should have sent the feds right away. Now fisheries are at risk of losing billions because of Obamas failure. The enviromental damage will be beyond anything Katrina did. Way to go Obama on your failure.

People who do not have the common courtesy to respond to an e-mail or a text message I have sent them


It totally pisses me off when I send someone an e-mail and ask them a direct question, or tell them something that requires a response from them and they do not even acknowledge that they have received the e-mail.  Same goes for a text message. 
Where has everyones manners gone? 



Obama denies disaster aid to American citizens.

Republican governor denied aid to her state.


Insecure Spouses

I am so sick of insecure spouses.  I mean come on if I wanted someone else I would be with someone else.  Why do I work to support our family if I didn't care.  I give you all the freedom you need and trust you unconditionally,  I just want that in return.  I want to have friends to hang with even when you aren't there.  If you want to hang out with people besides

Heres another one from this guy.


Man this guy rocks every video I have watched and not one bad song yet.

This guy is amazing you need to watch his video. This is not a rant just a guy who loves music.


This not some manufactered pop music group who bangs the guitar and barks I want to slap your ass. He puts a lot of work in his music.



Major Rant.


Talking to my wife about her cousin his name is Jr. and his live in fat lazy girlfriend. Well she was telling that Jr's fat live in girlfriends sister just got a new car from Welfare. I work 40 fucking hours a week I make 24k at my job plus another 10k retirement from the military spent my fucking time in there earning every fucking thing I get.

Insurance is a good thing!

Last year my car was hit by a driver who didnt have car insurance...... Obama, I get it. Make everyone get health insurance. Just like car insurance when somone gets sick and doesnt have insurance those of us that do have insurance end up paying.

I say let everyone pay there own co-pays. Make everyone get insurance.


Did Obama try to influence the pick for his senate seat?


Did Obama try to influence the pick for his senate seat?


I guess Obama wants more Americans killed.


With the rise of illegal aliens killing and attempting to kill Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law tough immigrations rules.

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