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Men who pee on toilet seats

Being a guy, I totally get the joy of peeing standing up, but come on people! Lift the damn seat first! Even we need to sit on the can every now and then. It's revolting to walk into a stall and see that some asshole has pissed all over the seat. That's just plain disrespectful. It's not hard to lift the seat first and your aim is not that good. I promise.

As if what happens (sometimes) in teh toilet wasn't 'scary' enough, eh conanabana? (c;}

Horror story printed on toilet paper in Japan
Sun May 24, 10:32 am ET


Pet Peeve- Broken Toilet

Dear Best Buy #305 Date: 2009-02-02, 10:34PM CST

This Letter of Apology is not only for the staff at the Best Buy #305 in Schaumburg, Illinois, but also to the gentleman in the midd

This is GROSS!!!!

So I am at work yesterday evening and I go to wash my hands before I take my break.

I hate it.


Hate it for now however maybe I will get used to it.

no freakin hot water!!!


GRRRRR!!!! I was pullung  into the garage after work and noticed a funny colored water puddle! IT WAS FROM THE WATER HEATER!!!! It has apparently been leaking awhile.

I don't care, I JUST WANT SOME PRIVACY!!!!

NY public toilets feature TVs, tuxedoed attendants
Mon Nov 24, 5:03 am ET

NEW YORK – What a relief

cold bathtub.... :'(


I HATE it when I get in the tub and go to lay back just to jump righ back into the upright postition because the sides of the tub are still cold!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!

how in THE hell???

this is so STUPID and NASTY....

Ponder this.....

Why is it when the wind blows hard the water in the toilet moves???

BUT...it only does this at work, not at home AND my office is not in a trailer, it is a stick built  building.

Ok this would suck

Some say it’s good luck if a bird’s droppings hit you, but not if the bird is an airplane and the dropping is frozen human waste that crashes through your roof.

Work Out Pet Peeves

The gym I work out at provides towels for members, they also provide laundry baskets for members to use when they're done working out.

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