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Inconsiderate people.


Ok so I am sitting at the store patiently waiting for the gas pumps. Some motorcycle guy with his wife are at the pumps and they are finished pumping they go in the store pay for there gas.

Funeral Peeves

My aunt died and her funeral was today.

Since Walter wanted to take us down memory lane.


Me and my 2 sons my daughter and my wife got in a discussion. Who was better dancer and preformer Prince, Micheal Jackson, Or MC Hammer. My vote was MC Hammer my kids who the hell is that.

They need to send the asshole to Gitmo.


A man walking his young son across a street was mowed down and killed by a driver who bashed into seven cars as he tore through a New York neighborhood, police said.

The driver reportedly got into

Hacking your brain.


Hackers who commandeer your computer are bad enough.

Lawsuit anyone?


Now if I was on the jury no way would this person win a lawsuit.

That Hangover movie....



Like, seriously HOLY funny-ness, holy insanely making me cry laughing movie. HOLY HYSTERICAL, holy I missed that line cause I was crying laughing...

Yeah, it's that good.

Another STUPID criminal!!!!!

Police: Man seeks ride from detective after heist
Sat Jul 11, 6:15 pm ET


Read before you speak



Don't say she's a quitter or couldn't take it.

The moving Post

Well, so far things are going good. I gave work 3 weeks notice yesterday. They've been good to me so I figured I'd let them know before the normal 2 weeks.

Sad story


I was driving to Adam's job last night to pick up the house key so I took Route 83 North to get there. Traffic got backed up pretty fast and I couldn't figure out why.

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