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Now THIS is a 'Bucket List' for sure. . .

By Gopal Sharma Tue Sep 23, 12:12 PM ET



My Nightmare

I know some people might think of this as an adventure. I would cry and crap in my pants!

Tourist Season has begun

It has begun.. I have already encountered some tourists up here, and have just remembered why I hate summer.

Could You Do This?

I would love to, but I am too chicken

Not my week

So my week has been crummy. I had the flu on Monday and Tuesday, now it's turned into a chest cold. I feel like living proof of Murphy's Law lately.

First Day Back at Work after a Week off

Don't you hate it when you come back to work after a week off, and CRAP is piled on your desk?  I swear, sometimes I feel like when I take a few days off, the rest of the office goes on me

Two summers in a row

Last summer a teacher at my kids' school died in a car accident on the way home from visiting family in Texas.  She left her husband and small children behind. 

don't tell me to just be happy!

Okay going to let it go this time, because I have had it!!!!!!

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