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Tailgaters a problem?

I notice that many "driving" posts concern themselves with slow drivers in the left lane. They outnumber greatly the posts about "the dreaded tailgaters".

Round A Bouts

The city of South Bend Indiana has installed Round A Bouts and is installing more. A good idea, IN EUROPE!!! These people here do NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!! They Stop EVERYWHERE!!


I Had the pleasure to drive in Elkhart Co. Indiana on the St. Joseph Valley Parkway in the Fog today and 1 in 10 drivers had their headlights on. Is this STUPID???

My Peeves!

When you wait and wait for a slow driver just to have them turn right before they make it to where you are waiting.
Idiot parents who let their children ride on their laps or in the front seat before

People who never use turn signals

This is an incredibly annoying one for me.

Keep Clear!

You know what makes a rude and illiterate driver?

Charlotte Metro Drivers

I have driven in major cities all over the United States, and never...

Truck Drivers who move into the fast lane for merging traffic

This is NOT right! I taught truck driving for 25 yrs.

drivers who

drivers who are so inconsiderate as to pull out in front of traffic, making them brake and do not get up too speed. thus causing road rage. secondly the same drivers who stop on the freeway on ramp.

People who think they own the fast lane, a solution!

I'm a retired truck driver teacher and I have had to deal with these asses who think they own the fast lane for 40 yrs.

Traffic in New Mexico

I hate the lack of traffic law enforcement in New Mexico. Drivers pass on the left, stay in the passing lane, change lanes without signaling and always speeding.

Rude Pedestrians

I realize that pedestrians have the right of way, but I really hate when I stop to let some(s) go by and, not only do they take their sweet time, but they don't wave to say, "Thank You".


I text, don't get me wrong, but I DO NOT do it while driving! Why do people try to text and drive putting everyone else at risk, just to write someone: "OMG!" This annoys me to no extent.

Is an octagon the same in all states?

I am a police officer in Louisiana, and I can't stand it when i pull someone over for disobeying a STOP sign, (you know those big red octagonal signs that say STOP?) and they say something like, "Offi

SUVs are my biggest pet peeve

Why do they even make those huge wastes of, well, everything? They are huge wastes of gas, and I could put that money to better use. Very few people need that much space inside thier vehicle.

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