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Maniac parent drivers in front of the school.

I hate it when people sit in front of the school and honk for their kids to come instead of parking and waiting or just parking and getting out of the car.  The school is across the street from homes

Public Transportations Reckless Regard for Traffic Safety

Yesterday I was pulling out of the side streets and as I approached the stop to turn left, a huge RTD bus pulls up and blocks the intersection.

Move It, Move It (or Don't)

Why is it that some people feel that even though they don't have a handicap sticker it is their right to clog up parking lot traffic by sitting in the middle of the row waiting for someone in one of t

Loud Music Rattling my Car Windows

Why do people think their music is sooooo great that they have to share?

My Bigges Pet Peeve!

Nothing is worse in my book than what I saw this weekend. There was a woman driving down the road in a beautiful brand new SUV with Temp Tags on it.

Traffic - turn signals

My pet peeve, when driving, is drivers who do not use their signals when turning, let alone when changing lanes. THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

people who dont yield to emergency vehicles

It really upsets me when an emergency vehicle is trying to get to it's destination to help some one, and people wont pull over to let the emergency vehicle thru.

what is it called again?

What was it called again? 

O yea:

"the fastlane"  or  "the passing lane"


>>>for a f*ing reason :) 

I don't care if you want to go 20 in a 60 zone, that is totally fine - I

Jerk drivers

One of my pet peeves are these a**hole drivers who know that a lane ahead is closed for road work, etc and still they speed up the lane that will be closed in an attempt to get ahead of traffic.

Driving pet peeve

People that drive down the middle of a residential road and don't move over even the slightest bit for oncoming traffic.

Parking stalls. One per vehicle.

Those yellow lines painted over paved lots are the lines you are supposed to park in. Not on, not across. These lines are not suggestions, they are alloted parking stalls.

Personalized License Plates

I can't stand it when someone has a personalized license plate that is supposed to mean something, but is impossible to figure out. I'm all for the clever person with "CUL8R" on their plate.

I'm turning left across 4 lanes of traffic, please DON'T wave me though!

If I am foolish enough to be driving somewhere and need to get to somewhere on the other side of the street and feel I must cut across 2,3,4,5 lanes of traffic (assuming it's legal, of course), please

so TURN already...

am i the only person who desperately wants to run into the people who take like a whole mile to actually get the whole way into the turning lane??

Put the sticker over the YEAR!!!

How hard is it to put the renewal sticker over the year on your license plate? You'd be amazed at how many people put that da*n sticker over the month.

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