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Most Peeved Rants in traffic

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Pay Attention Drivers!

So I have been giving into temptation lately and eating fast food. It's just sooo yummy. Today, I was on my way to BK when I had the stupid driver of the year near me.

what a flippin' day....

Ya ever have one of those days that you just wish you never got out of bed? One of those, "man, if I knew then what I know now, things would be done differently" sort of days...

purple and gold and red, OH MY!!!!

I'M SO TIRED OF IT, all week on the news and all the people around here


anybody who drives while being female


that's what I saw driving today, on several cars, for MILES and MILES! are they asleep when driving, oh, I know, they're on the phone!

My Bigges Pet Peeve!

Nothing is worse in my book than what I saw this weekend. There was a woman driving down the road in a beautiful brand new SUV with Temp Tags on it.

Tailgaters a problem?

I notice that many "driving" posts concern themselves with slow drivers in the left lane. They outnumber greatly the posts about "the dreaded tailgaters".

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