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Merle Haggard said it all.....

"....I read about some squirrelly gu

People hear what they want to hear

I took a call from this woman who obviously asphysiated on her hair dye.  She was thinking she reached Child Protecttive services to complain that her Ex was 5 MINUTES late drop


I'm not sure if that's the right word for it, but here goes. My coworker had a job that he wanted to bid. His superior told him NOT to bid the job.


THAT is how long I was on the phone with Dell about my computer JUST a few minutes ago!!!

Stealing beer


A while back I made a post about some local idiots that stole a case of beer; in their hasty get away they caused a fatal accident.

know what really IRKS me?

...people who turn their head ALL the way around while changing lanes and driving!!!  I mean, WHY??!!  that's what the rear/side view mirrors are for!  that&#3

That's why they call it a drive-thru!


People and their cars.  I'll never understand it.

My Pet Peeve for this week?  People who think they're the only ones on (or in this case, off) the road.

Some presents!


My husband spent mad money buying all the ladies in his life who are mom's flowers.  Everyone but my mom has received them.  There is a bitch that lives down the road from my mom who&

Work Place Peeves


I have a co-worker who everytime she makes an appointment makes it during her work shift!

Pay Attention Drivers!

So I have been giving into temptation lately and eating fast food. It's just sooo yummy. Today, I was on my way to BK when I had the stupid driver of the year near me.

I'm so OVER it now!

I called the IRS BACK AGAIN today to see why my money wasn't there.

Don't believe the IRS


My roommate told me that he got his check today. The last two of his soc. are behind mine, and I'm 80. 

born/raised in a barn

OK, it's well over 101 outside and the wind is blowing (a nasty warm wind). Perfect conditions for snakes!

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