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Fuel shortage in Mexico

Fuel shortage at some border stations
June 24, 2008 - 5:34PM

so, my home was broken into...**update in comments**

well, this is a first for me and whoever it was came thru the back patio french doors.

***WARNING** political Peeve (oil drilling)

Ok, I hear these guys on the news this morning. One is saying we need to drill NOW. (I agree).

EWWWW...this almost happened to me once


I was coming home (to AZ) from L.A. and made a quick stop (in the middle of the night) at a rest area. I had to pee really bad.

how in THE hell???

this is so STUPID and NASTY....

THAT other coworker...

I posted a little while ago about the guy that isn't licensed to be doing design but is... Well the Fire Marshall finally called the guy (my superior) who's name and license IS on them.

Stupid flies live longer?...WT*


http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/switzerlandscienceanimal Another worthless study. I think this is by far one of the most STUPID, waste of money "study" I have seen.



My parents kept telling me about this "perfect pillow" (that's what it's called). I finally looked it up and decided to order one.

what if this was your child who wanted to do this???

what would you do???

what is wrong with kids nowadays???


I work with this lady whose son is getting married soon. Her and the sons father are divorced, and he lives in the lower 48 somewhere in the south.

Too true.....


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