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I just couldn't help it . . .

        It's time again for the annual 'Stella Awards'!

I'm confused . . .

So I'm watching this commercial, the one that says, 'My heart is one flight of stairs stronger' next scene, 'one piggy-back stronger' and so on and so forth.

I give up..I'm convinced!

I have just gotten back from errands and I now know how I will die....FROM SOMEONE PLAYING WITH THEIR PHONE WHILE TRYING TO DRIVE AND THEY WILL KILL ME!!!


Police say a man tried to rob a pharmacy in

Update on the F-tard ex of my best friend

This person, call him 'f-tard' just called me this morning, just after his latest court date (which got put off another MONTH!!!) to complain about, well, let me just post the email I sent

It feels like Monday

Let me walk you through my day so far (it's only 10am).

personal responsibility....stupid kid!!


I think this was a peeve master rant awhile back about personal responsibility (although I could be wrong).

Do NOT try this at home!!!!


The Race Card


I am not a racist person. My family is, but not me or my brother. My parents raised us NOT to be racist, but they also raised us to NOT be blind.

My newest peeve

The parking lot at work is a private parking lot for our employees and our customers ONLY. We have signs posted everywhere but people still park there anyway.


Court rejects death penalty for raping a child

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