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what?? this is a new one for me!

NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT VIA ATM CARD This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not

Had a 'good' laugh at work tonight. . .

well, maybe not a 'good' laugh, I was ROFLMFAO, but AFTER this person left. Here's what happened -

my therory about the Cayle case:


Here is my therory:

Get ready to censor

So I'm at work, and all is going well. I should realize that this means something bad is going to happen, but no, I actually believe this is going to be a good day.

More Phone Peeves

People who call the wrong number and expect me to have the right one for them. Sorry but I am not a phone book, call the freaking operator if you don't have one.

People on the Phone

I hate people who will call 5 times, knowing they've got the wrong frickin' number!  What the first 4 times weren't enough for you?

Tropic Thunder

All right, I haven't seen this movie as of yet and, until this morning, hadn't planned to see it.

Religious fanatics a no show


The funeral for the young man killed on the Greyhound bus was held today and despite all their so called religious ranting the as-holes were a no show.  According to today's newspaper, the

lol What's wrong with this picture?

I saw a vehicle covered with bumper stickers. They were along the lines of "no war for oil". "How much blood must we shed for oil?". Basically, all anti-oil. You get the idea.

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