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It must be sunny in Canada, and France. And also New Zealand and perhaps somewhere in Africa because WE HAVE INTERNET at work again!!!

10 years is NOT enough!

Idaho Mother Gets 10-Year Sentence After Boyfriend Impregnates 9-Year-Old Daughter

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Maybe instead of spending the money to fix it they could just apply that money towards the debt itself?

And they made a law about cell phones.

Calif. lapdogs can stay just that in moving cars

Sun Sep 28, 10:57 AM ET

23 minute conversation. . .

19 minutes of the dude saying, 'To make a long story short. . .

It's official


This site has gone to shit. See the ones of you that matter on myspace. To the rest of you - get a myspace!! 

Sorry to interupt, but I need ALL of you to pray here:

I will just post the email I just got, it says it all to any of you that remember what happened (BTW, I left the names intact so you know where to aim the prayers towards):

Talk about KARMA-

15 train robbers killed by poison gas


Mon Sep 22, 11:30 PM ET


For the Anal Troll.....

twice in one day!!!!!

my street was BLOCKED!!!

The Official Word for the City of Detroit


...is HEH?



Spoiled, Whiney Brats

Don't you just hate it when some brats on the phone whining to her dad that she probably wants a new car added to her "collection" and you know that he's probably saying stuff like &

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